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Maker Stories

Phil talks about different methods of hydroponics, peppers he’s most excited about growing, and lots of advice for those looking to learn more about growing peppers and hydroponics.
David shares his entrepreneurial journey starting Seed Ranch Flavor Company in 2017 in Boulder, Colorado. Topics discussed on the podcast include what happens when your hot sauce gets on Season 11 of the show "Hot Ones", and how David creates and launches new flavors.
My mother is South American and my father is from the Middle East, and dinner at our house while I was growing up often involved a number of table condiments both spicy and not. For example, my father introduced me to schug (pronounced “skoog”) at a young age, which is...
Paul and Tasia share their nine year hot sauce journey and how their story started well before that. Big Red's Hot Sauce is located in Phoenix, Arizona.
Brian from Craft Hot Sauce and Craic Sauce is interviewed on the 495 podcast. Brian shares how to started growing peppers, making his first batch and going on to start an educational hot sauce website and hot sauce company.
On the podcast David discusses his love for creating music and being an MC, how his Dad's Indonesian culture has influenced his hot sauce and cooking, and creating new recipes.
My name is Ron and I’m proud to be the founder of Fartley Farms, a small-batch hot sauce company based out of Columbus, OH. Being in the same city where CaJohn’s originated gives people a certain level of expectation when it comes to hot sauce, but we feel like we’ve held up pretty well here at the start of our journey.
Paula of River City Flame in Richmond Virginia shares her stories living overseas while serving in the military and what inspired her to bring flavors and her favorite condiment from Hong Kong to the US.
Some say that it all started with Wayne’s preparation of French crepes for the international food fair in his 6th grade elementary school class: the launch of a well-established career as a saucier, baker, and menu designer in the culinary industry.
Geoff Barker, fermented hot sauce maker and owner of Sabarac (Australia) shares different techniques of fermenting and discuss some tips for beginners.
Their journey began in 2007, opening asuccessful restaurant in Denver, CO. The hotspot delighted foodies withhomemade New York style bagels, paninis, salads, and the ever-theatricalliquid nitrogen ice cream. The restaurant was beloved by locals and touristsalike.
Former NFL player and owner of Kyvan Foods, Reggie Kelly, comes on the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast. Reggie shares how cooking is such a big part of his life, mantras that he’s held tight that have helped him be a top performer on the gridiron and in business, and talks about some early business mistakes he encountered.