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Maker Stories

As I was growing up, I would visit family in Trinidad and Tobago and enjoy all the delicacies prepared by my grandma. One of which was a pepper sauce unique to my family.
Paul and Tasia share their nine year hot sauce journey and how their story started well before that. Big Red's Hot Sauce is located in Phoenix, Arizona.
Paula of River City Flame in Richmond Virginia shares her stories living overseas while serving in the military and what inspired her to bring flavors and her favorite condiment from Hong Kong to the US.
Some say that it all started with Wayne’s preparation of French crepes for the international food fair in his 6th grade elementary school class: the launch of a well-established career as a saucier, baker, and menu designer in the culinary industry.
Former NFL player and owner of Kyvan Foods, Reggie Kelly, comes on the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast. Reggie shares how cooking is such a big part of his life, mantras that he’s held tight that have helped him be a top performer on the gridiron and in business, and talks about some early business mistakes he encountered.
Mikey shares more about his influences in hot sauce and salsa making, tips for cooking hot sauce and advice for starting your own hot sauce company.
Sufia emigrated from Bangladesh at the age of 12 and moved into the fashion industry after graduating from FIT. She shares her journey leaving fashion to pursue her love of food and hot sauce.
Chef Nino is a chef, farmer, and entrepreneur in Zimbabwe. Nino comes from a farming background and has founded AGRIOLA, which works with rural farmers by providing them with seeds, drip kits, and resources to farm.
Fabian and his colleague Diego are the co-owners of the Berlin hot sauce company, and both are originally from Venezuela. Brian and Fabian talk craft hot sauce, the influences behind Pika Pika, and advice for starting your own hot sauce company.