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My first memories with hot sauces really came from eating amazing food growing up in the cultural melting pot of Southern California. Whether it was finding a homemade sambal or sriracha from the Mongolian BBQ or Ramen Joint, to eating a hoard of $.59 street tacos from the taqueria with their buffet of fresh salsas, peppers and heat grabbed me at a young age. I would say a ton of my influences come from emulating that fresh homemade feel into sauces that aren’t just for one particular dish, but can be used with any recipe, any time.
I remember all the Louisiana-style hot sauces at seafood restaurants in Galveston, Texas back in the early 90s. The high vinegar content made them great for eating raw oysters jambalaya, etouffee, and gumbo.
Mikey shares more about his influences in hot sauce and salsa making, tips for cooking hot sauce and advice for starting your own hot sauce company.
I started with a desire to find or create a hot sauce that was flavorful and spicy for my conch and conch fritters that I prepared and cooked for my customers. I could not find the flavor I was looking for, so I started to experiment with flavor and peppers.
My passion for hot sauce came from my passion for cooking and entertaining. My team & I love to eat and love spicy food even more! What started out as a table sauce for a dinner party turned into a growing business specializing in bold & unique flavor profiles.
We had both grown up in Texas so our love of tacos and tex-mex food was a real way of life. We had both previously been in the restaurant business for many years and had always liked the unique hot sauces that mom and pop taco shops made way better than generic bottled sauces.