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Maker Stories

I remember all the Louisiana-style hot sauces at seafood restaurants in Galveston, Texas back in the early 90s. The high vinegar content made them great for eating raw oysters jambalaya, etouffee, and gumbo.
Owner of Inferno Farms and holder of the world record for most Carolina Reaper pepper eaten in one minute, Greg Foster, comes on the craft hot sauce podcast. On the podcast Greg shares lessons learned from culinary and hot sauce mentors, and what’s going through his mind before a reaper eating contest!
Dave from Silagy Sauce shares how he started a hot sauce company with his sons, how they create new recipes, and lessons learned scaling.
Howler Monkey Sauce is a hot sauce company out of Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Like many hot sauce makers, they got their inspiration from a hot sauce they loved and tried to imitate its qualities and bring their own spice to it.
Fabian and his colleague Diego are the co-owners of the Berlin hot sauce company, and both are originally from Venezuela. Brian and Fabian talk craft hot sauce, the influences behind Pika Pika, and advice for starting your own hot sauce company.