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Maker Stories

I had a beer one day on the beach with an American buddy and we got to talking about why Thailand doesn’t have a signature hot sauce as spicy food goes hand in hand with the country. He is long-time friends with Trinidad Charlie and familiar with the challenges and successes he has had with his hot sauces.
Dave from Silagy Sauce shares how he started a hot sauce company with his sons, how they create new recipes, and lessons learned scaling.
My passion for hot sauce came from my passion for cooking and entertaining. My team & I love to eat and love spicy food even more! What started out as a table sauce for a dinner party turned into a growing business specializing in bold & unique flavor profiles.
I'll be 62 this year, and have been in the food business since I was 14. I've done just about any and every job. Until my late twenties I worked in all manner of professional kitchens from delis and the Bethesda Naval Hospital mess hall to fine dining establishments all over the country.
Rich of Melbourne Hot Sauce brings his 16 years of culinary experience into his signature hot sauces. He focuses on using all-natural ingredients from all over Australia to make a truly hand-crafted hot sauce that supports his community.