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Maker Stories

Small Axe Peppers is a mission forward company that makes delicious hot sauces partnering with community growers across 15 cities in America.

Chef Nino is a chef, farmer, and entrepreneur in Zimbabwe. Nino comes from a farming background and has founded AGRIOLA, which works with rural farmers by providing them with seeds, drip kits, and resources to farm.
Rowan University President Ali Houshmand has planted his hot peppers, with help from students, volunteers and alumni. Like last year, he will spend time each early morning, watering, weeding and otherwise tending the produce. He’s willing to do a lot for his students, including raising money for scholarships.
Caldo Hot Sauce is a New Jersey based craft hot sauce company with giving back at the forefront of their mission. They donate at least $1 of every bottle of hot sauce sold to either World Vision Micro, Urban Impact, or Elijah's Promise.
We love food, hot sauce and beer, it’s that simple. Taking a look around the vast world of hot sauce we could never quite find the flavor and heat level that we were happy with so we began experimenting with different homemade recipes just to satisfy our own tastes.
Rich of Melbourne Hot Sauce brings his 16 years of culinary experience into his signature hot sauces. He focuses on using all-natural ingredients from all over Australia to make a truly hand-crafted hot sauce that supports his community.