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About Craft Hot Sauce

Craft Hot Sauce focuses on sharing authentic maker stories and unique hot sauces from all over the world. 

Founder Brian Ruhlmann, started this website in 2014, which was only supposed to be a one-month long on-boarding project for his former employer HubSpot. A month before he cooked up his first hot sauce, a recipe with roasted pumpkin and home grown habaneros and ghost peppers. 

Brian cold called Salamander Sauce (Brooklyn, NY), Pika Pika (Berlin, Germany) and Smokin Ed Currie (Fort Mill, SC) to fulfill his duties for writing blog posts for this work project and picked up on each makers passion and influences from their location and culture. These relationships lead Brian down the path to meeting new hot sauce makers, chili growers and sharing their stories and sauces with the growing craft hot sauce community. 

Stories lead naturally to sauces, and Craft Hot Sauce operations a flavor curation service and hosts an online hot sauce shop with all different varieties of hot sauces. 

All the hot sauces on the website are paired with original reflections from the makers on our podcast or makers stories blog.

Craft Hot Sauce seeks out the most unique, local sourced, flavor packed hot sauces and encourages people to live their lives to the fullest by connecting, sharing stories, and exploring flavor.

Find your flavor with us at Craft Hot Sauce!

-Brian Ruhlmann

Founder, Craft Hot Sauce & Craic Sauce

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We source the most flavorful unique hot sauces we can find, directly from makers that are willing to share their own authentic journeys.

The longer story behind Craft Hot Sauce

Craft Hot Sauce has been a slow burn (no pun intended), but Brian had a chance to share the journey behind Craft Hot Sauce and his own brand Craic Sauce.