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Melbourne Hot Sauce Story

Written by Melbourne Hot Sauce Story Owner Richard Nelson

Melbourne Hot Sauce was founded in November 2013 by me, Richard Nelson, with the vision of producing a high quality all natural Australian made hot sauce, with an emphasis on flavour & balance as well as heat. With 16 years experience as a chef specialising in Mexican, Cajun, Creole, Caribbean & Latin American cuisine and 8 years of chilli sauce production experience this venture has been a long time coming. About 6 years ago this led me into making my own hot sauce at various restaurants and eventually in 2013 forming Melbourne Hot Sauce.

Our focus is on small batch hand crafted hot sauce made with all natural Australian ingredients. Anyone can make something hot, the key is to have depth, balance & flavour, merging the key characteristics of sweet, savory, acidity, bitterness, salt and Heat. Using all natural ingredients & methods without the use of stabilizers, modifiers, regulators or any other unnatural ingredients is crucial. We also source as much local ingredients as possible & maintain good relationships with growers & suppliers.

You will find our range of mild to wild hot sauce stocked in over 200 gourmet food stores, restaurants, deli's & markets throughout Australia & New Zealand. 2015 saw us winning numerous awards & accolades, most notably a Silver medal at the World Hot Sauce awards in Louisiana USA & a 1st place at the Australia & New Zealand Mr Chilli awards.

We do a limited release “Melbourne Hell Sauce” a few times a year which includes some of the hottest chilli in the world, Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Scorpion & Bhut Jolokia. It usually sells out within days of release. These 3 chilli can range from 1 million shu to 2 million shu on the Scoville scale. In comparison the humble Jalapeno rates about 3-6 thousand shu.


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