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Written by CAPSUP Owner Martin Pokorny

I had an uncommon start-up journey. In 2008, a friend of mine and I decided to make a business. We focused on events and parties. Therefore we catered, delivered drinks, rented equipment, and so on. Hell Yeah! After 3 years we even had a club which we opened every weekend and hundreds of people gathered there every day!

But my secret passion was cooking. In June 2008, I was managing a food-truck and we organized huge barbecues. I wanted to make these barbecues very popular and wanted people talking about them, so I had a big focus on developing chile sauces. By repeating this dozens of times, the sauces got great. Everybody loved my food. My greatest achievement was a 10-day cooking marathon, being up 20 hours per day. Around this time I didn't even realize I was known as the sauce crafter.

But the times changed and my life priorities did too. So after 5 years of successful partnership, we decided to give up our food truck and barbecue business. I left the company and started to sell packaging in the Food and Wine Craft-industry.

It lasted about 8 months until I started a brand new company focusing on my sauces. I was going to be creating and crafting these sauces as a hobby and then selling them.  The business grew very quickly, and now it's a full-time job with great perspectives and I love the work.

My most popular sauce now is the Habanero Blend Hot Sauce, which has been awarded twice in 2014, and one of the awards was at the World Hot Sauce Awards. Great on everything which has to get spiced up! But every product has it's raison d'être (reason for being.) We have big plans for growth in the future! My goal is to produce 100 different products, each of them tasting better than the other, and having a unique and perfect flavour.


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