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Sean of Down to Ferment on Fermented Kombucha Hot Sauces

 Sean of Down to Ferment on Fermented Kombucha Hot Sauces - Craft Hot Sauce Podcast


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Joining us today is a true expert in the field, an individual who has mastered the craft of fiery peppers and brewing kombucha into a symphony of flavor and heat.

Sean Kirkpatrick of Down to Ferment has honed his skills, bringing his experiences from his culinary background to creating flavor forward hot sauces in San Diego.

On the podcast Sean shares his journey and Brian asks questions to hear how Down to Ferment approaches new recipes and has grown their operation since starting a few years ago.

In this episode, we have the privilege of diving deep into the art of crafting fermented hot sauces, exploring the rich history, complex flavors, and the science behind this beloved condiment. Tune in to the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast on your favorite podcast player or stream on

Website -
Social - @down2ferment
San Diego, California


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