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Maker Stories

As I was growing up, I would visit family in Trinidad and Tobago and enjoy all the delicacies prepared by my grandma. One of which was a pepper sauce unique to my family.
Phil talks about different methods of hydroponics, peppers he’s most excited about growing, and lots of advice for those looking to learn more about growing peppers and hydroponics.
Brian from Craft Hot Sauce and Craic Sauce is interviewed on the 495 podcast. Brian shares how to started growing peppers, making his first batch and going on to start an educational hot sauce website and hot sauce company.

Small Axe Peppers is a mission forward company that makes delicious hot sauces partnering with community growers across 15 cities in America.

I am a certifiable fiery foods fanatic, but hot sauce and fresh homegrown produce has been a part of my life since the day I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. My grandfather, Roger Baumer, was plant manager and brother to Baumer Foods founder Alvin Baumer.
I’m originally from the Midwest and growing up, all we really focused on growing was tomatoes. Once I got to grad school and a real house, I started a bigger backyard garden, expanding beyond tomatoes, to cucumbers, squash, corn, herbs, and peppers.
Stacy Mortiz shares how Secret Aardvark began hocking sauce at Portland farmer’s markets and have grown to be in over 1,000 roadhouses, eateries, and shops around the world.
Haico is not originally from Canada, but he moved here in 2005. Now, something you need to know about him is that he grew up in a very multi-cultural background and grew up with several spicy foods.
I grew up in a house divided. My father was a lover of spice, at least on his terms. Not too many meals went by without the bottle of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce or the jar of crushed red pepper.
Disco Hot Sauce from South East London comes on the Craft Hot Sauce podcast. Learn how Oli and Jen created a Panama inspired hot sauce with a disco twist in South East London.
My first memories of being introduced to hot and spicy food came around the young age of 6 years old, where my parents would pack the family car and head off to upstate NY farms to pick fresh vegetables, which included hot peppers.