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Maker Stories

Some say that it all started with Wayne’s preparation of French crepes for the international food fair in his 6th grade elementary school class: the launch of a well-established career as a saucier, baker, and menu designer in the culinary industry.
Their journey began in 2007, opening asuccessful restaurant in Denver, CO. The hotspot delighted foodies withhomemade New York style bagels, paninis, salads, and the ever-theatricalliquid nitrogen ice cream. The restaurant was beloved by locals and touristsalike.
I grew up in a small rural village in the South Island of New Zealand. My parents were trying to live a post hippy, self sufficient life. They grew most of our food and made lots of the things we owned and used in our lives.
I had a beer one day on the beach with an American buddy and we got to talking about why Thailand doesn’t have a signature hot sauce as spicy food goes hand in hand with the country. He is long-time friends with Trinidad Charlie and familiar with the challenges and successes he has had with his hot sauces.
Rick Ewing, a contractor by trade, created the Eaglewingz brand during the rise of popularity of wings on appetizer menus in the 80's. Wanting a sauce for home use and not finding what was desired on the grocery shelves, Ewing concocted just the taste he was after right in his home kitchen.