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Dave of Silagy Sauce on Starting a Fire-Roasted Hot Sauce Company With His Sons

Craft Hot Sauce Podcast with Dave of Silagy Sauce


Dave joins the Craft Hot Sauce podcast to talk about Silagy Sauce got started in 2017 and how his sons are part of the business. He shares some great tips for coming up with new sauces and describes his popular Serrano and Hatch Lime Cilantro hot sauces.

Craft Hot Sauce Podcast


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Music is on the podcast is "Shatter" by Carissa Johnson & the Cure Alls

Silagy Sauce Story

Silagy Sauce was born of my passion for creating delicious meals to keep family and friends gathered around the table together. Our loved ones had such enthusiasm for the sauces, I felt inspired to create flavors for my community to share around their own tables. Food brings people together, and I’ve been so humbled to create a sauce that, as we like to say, “ignites” people’s passion for coming together around their favorite foods.

Silagy Sauces are all natural, free of preservatives and made with simple, quality, handpicked ingredients. Unlike other hot sauces, we’re not just heat for the sake of heat. Silagy Sauces perfectly combine heat with flavor to create a perfect complement to an incredible variety of foods. We strive for each of our sauces to be a flavor explosion, an eating experience, something that our customers will savor and share with their families time and again.

We are a family run hot sauce business, One of my sons is full time. We still hand make and self distribute our NW style hot sauce. 

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Facebook - @SilagySauce
Instagram - @silagysauce
Vancouver, Washington

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