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Maker Stories

My mother is South American and my father is from the Middle East, and dinner at our house while I was growing up often involved a number of table condiments both spicy and not. For example, my father introduced me to schug (pronounced “skoog”) at a young age, which is...
"I’ve always loved to cook," says Joe Stewart, owner of Dat’s Nice Hot Sauce. He explained, "The Datil peppers fascinated me because they were spicy hot with a kind of sweet tang!”
Around a year ago I had the opportunity of eating a fresh Carolina reaper pepper. I have been a hot sauce fanatic ever since I was a kid; and Javier had been eating them for a while now. My oldest friend and business partner Javier Duran turned me on to a local grower.
I have always loved to cook and enjoy experimenting with different kinds of sauces. When I wanted to add some heat, I realized most commercial hot sauces didn't accentuate the natural taste of the food. I made it my mission to develop the perfect hot sauces and Taylor's Ultimate was born in early 2014.
Howler Monkey Sauce is a hot sauce company out of Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Like many hot sauce makers, they got their inspiration from a hot sauce they loved and tried to imitate its qualities and bring their own spice to it.
My family and I live in St. Augustine, FL, the "Nation's Oldest City," and for years we had been buying a particular Datil Pepper hot sauce called Snake Bite. It was our absolute favorite hot sauce
We had both grown up in Texas so our love of tacos and tex-mex food was a real way of life. We had both previously been in the restaurant business for many years and had always liked the unique hot sauces that mom and pop taco shops made way better than generic bottled sauces.