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Taylor's Ultimate Story

  • 2 min read

Written by Taylor's Ultimate Sauces Owner Taylor Hicks

Taylor's Ultimate is a gourmet hot sauce company owned and operated by Taylor Hicks in Miami Florida. Taylor's focus on flavor without overwhelming heat or use of vinegar has yielded early success, especially within the Miami Hot Sauce market.

I have always loved to cook and enjoy experimenting with different kinds of sauces. When I wanted to add some heat, I realized most commercial hot sauces didn't accentuate the natural taste of the food. I made it my mission to develop the perfect hot sauces and Taylor's Ultimate was born in early 2014.

We’re a small operation, one in which operates in a very orchestrated and agile environment. I believe my unwillingness to compromise on quality is a factor in what resonates providing the taste and versatility our consumers have come to expect. The craft hot sauce space is very busy and feel these features also provide us key differentiators from the bigger competitors out there.

As for our most popular Hot Sauce now, this would have to be our Peruvian Gold. This hot sauce is not overpowering in heat or vinegar providing a zesty garlic flavor to excite the palate. We have a lot of customers who use it as an integral ingredient to a variety of meat and seafood dishes, more than just a table-top condiment.

There are many hot sauces available that have a lot of heat but are lacking in flavor. Given this, a balance between heat and flavor utilizing a range of chili pepper varietals is key. For us, this simply lead to a great deal of experimenting using unusual ingredients, including identifying chili peppers from Peru and the Andes Mountains, savory herbs and spices from Tuscany and the Orient, as well as spicy and aromatic peppers grown in the United States. I think this approach is something that the craft hot sauce industry will benefit from.

Miami, Florida

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