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Howler Monkey Sauce Story

Written by Howler Monkey Sauce Owner Conan Herring

How Howler Monkey Sauce Began 

Howler Monkey Sauce, Inc. started in our kitchens. The concept of our sauce however, had been around for quite some time.  Tom and I both grew up in the former Panama Canal Zone, a United States territory surrounding the Panama Canal.  After we moved to Florida, in the late 90’s, we found that with each trip back to visit we had a common item being brought back in our suitcases…Aji Chombo hot sauce! 

Aji Chombo is a hot sauce unique to Panama, traditionally made with Aji Chombo peppers which are a Scotch Bonnet and Habanero variety.  So Tom and I decided that rather than bringing Aji Chombo back with us each time they traveled, we would take a stab of making our own version.  So Howler Monkey Sauce, Inc was born with our first production date being 6/28/10.

Our operation and sauces

We have a strong presence in North Florida and the Tampa Bay area.  We produce our sauce in St. Augustine, our headquarter is in Jacksonville Beach.  Our current distribution to restaurants is concentrated in North Florida and the Florida Panhandle.  We also have distribution to grocery in the Tampa area expanding into Orlando.  We handle on all online orders personally through our website  We have 4 flavors; Original, Hot, Amarillo and Verde.  Our most popular sauce is the Original.  The original does well because it is an excellent replacement to your ordinary table sauces you typically find in a restaurant.

Interesting Lessons by Making Lots of Hot Sauce

Something we found out the hard way was that when dealing with an all natural product you have to expect a variance from one batch to the next.  We found that peppers grown in the dry season tend to be hotter as that is their internal mechanism for dealing with drought.  Peppers harvested in the rainy season are less hot and have more water content.

Jacksonville Beach, Florida

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