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Haitian Heat Spice Story

Written by Haitian Heat Spice Owner Pierre


I started with a desire to find or create a hot sauce that was flavorful and spicy for my conch and conch fritters that I prepared and cooked for my customers. I could not find the flavor I was looking for, so I started to experiment with flavor and peppers until I found the flavor and heat I wanted.

I gave samples of this sauce to my customers and they liked it. The customers started to asked for extra sauce to take home. I knew I needed a name for the sauce. I then called the sauce my original Haitian Heat Spice Fire Sauce. With the passing of time, I entered the Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Contest in 2014. The sauce won 3rd place under specialty sauces.

I worked on perfecting my sauce and in 2015 the sauce won 1st place under specialty sauces. In 2016 I submitted 3 other sauces & they all won 1st place & people's choice & one - 3rd place under commercial bottler. The names of the sauces are:

  1. Original fire sauce (Scotch bonnet peppers)
  2. Sexy sauce (Tabasco peppers. Green sauce)
  3. Nap Boule (Red wine & garlic based ingredients)
  4. Hemplifier (5 layers of flavor 5 layers of heat & has hemp ingredients

I first started making sauce in my kitchen, however, Add A Chef is a commercial kitchen in Austin, Texas that I use.

Facebook - @haitianheatspice
Instagram - @haitianheatspice
Austin, Texas

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