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Maker Stories

I had an uncommon start-up journey. In 2008, a friend of mine and I decided to make a business. We focused on events and parties. Therefore we catered, delivered drinks, rented equipment, and so on. Hell Yeah!
The first Craft Hot Sauce Podcast takes place in the Maybachufer Markt in Kreuzberg region of Berlin. Crazy Bastard Sauce is an award winning hot sauce and their owner Jonathan shares the story.
We started A&B American Style because we noticed that a lot of people around us were making terrible decisions with their food and we wanted to contribute products that would help people reconnect with their food.
My family and I live in St. Augustine, FL, the "Nation's Oldest City," and for years we had been buying a particular Datil Pepper hot sauce called Snake Bite. It was our absolute favorite hot sauce
I got started in hot sauce by necessity. I've always loved spicy foods and becoming a homeowner I decided to grow hot peppers since they weren't readily available at the store. After an impulse purchase of some red savina and bhut jolokia seedlings at a nursery, come September I suddenly had several pounds of super hot peppers to work with.
About a year ago I made too much Hot Sauce on my night off and decided to give it away on a local Facebook trading site. Next thing I knew I had people asking for more and more and more.
It all started in 2010 I saw the first Jamaican pepper during internet browsing in work time. I instantly knew that I needed this. A few days later I ordered the seeds.
I had my daughter as a single parent in 2010 and in the space of 18 months totally destroyed my business in artist management, due to the fact that I totally underestimated child care and utter sheer exhaustion I'd suffer from.
I have always like spicy food, but it wasn’t until 2012 I considered growing my own chillies. After a friend got me into growing superhots and experimenting in hydroponics, I was addicted!
We had both grown up in Texas so our love of tacos and tex-mex food was a real way of life. We had both previously been in the restaurant business for many years and had always liked the unique hot sauces that mom and pop taco shops made way better than generic bottled sauces.