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Hot sauce maker stories from Florida - March 2016

Hi there,

I hope you aren't too sick of winter at this point, and if you are, you should be having more hot sauce! It's been a mild winter in New England, and fellow chili growers have been focused on getting their new chili seedlings and dreaming about their new hot sauce recipes. I am just preparing my golden ghost and el jefe jalapeno pepper seedlings, and I’m thinking about some other produce to pair with those chilies to experiment with some new original recipes. 

As the summer approaches I'll be sharing some recipes, but if you aren't too secretive about your hot sauce recipe, feel free to share on our blog.

Although it was the shortest month of the year, we heard from some really cool craft hot sauce companies leading the charge on the Hot Sauce Revolution. This month we had 3 unique Craft Hot Sauce Profiles:

Howler Monkey Sauces - Jacksonville Beach company with Panama influences

Taylor's Ultimate - Artisanal small-batch hot sauce company from Miami

Gindo's Spice of Life - Up and coming Los Angeles Hot Sauce company

In March, we have some new podcasts coming up and lots of new small-batch hot sauce companies to learn about and learn from.

Thanks for the support and being part of this large hot sauce movement!



Line of Howler Monkey Hot Sauces

Small Batch Craft Hot Sauce Company from the Jacksonville Beach area. Their sauce is inspired by their Panamanian roots.

Taylor's Ultimate Hot Sauce with Taylor's Ultimate Owner

Taylors Ultimate - Florida

We've had many Hot Sauce companies featured from Florida, but this is our first Miami artisanal hot sauce company.

Gindo's Spice of Life Owner on a Farm Holding Produce

Gindo's Spice of Life - Los Angeles CA

Gindo's Spice of Life offers a wide range of hot sauces for all types of chiliheads. They are located in the west coast hot sauce capital of Los Angeles.

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