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Sharing stories of Sriracha - February 2016

Hey Chiliheads,

Happy February! We had a really exciting start to 2016, and it began with bringing on Craft Hot Sauce's first partners: Salamander Sauce andCrazy Bastard Sauce! More announcements on the partnership to come later.

You could almost say January was the month of Sriracha, as we had two Craft Hot Sauce maker stories on purely Sriracha-based companies. Both are progressive leaders in the small-batch Sriracha area, and it's great to see they are both organic and Non-GMO. We have links to the maker stories below, but Jojo's Sriracha is from the popular hot sauce and foodie state of Colorado, and Garden Kitchen Sriracha is from Western Massachusetts. We also had Red Hawk Premium Pepper from Pennsylvania featured. 

In honor of National Hot Sauce Day on January 22nd we wrote this article,A Short History of Hot Sauce. Also just a reminder to check out ourHot Sauce Festival Calendar because some of these dates can sneak up on people!

Be sure you are following us onFacebookTwitter, and Instagram because we will be asking our followers what questions you'd like us to ask in our next podcast with one of our Craft Hot Sauce Profiles! 

See you out there!


A brief history of hot sauce

In honor of National Hot Sauce Day on January 22nd we wrote a short history on Hot Sauce.

Jojo's Sriracha

Jojo's Sriracha - Denver, CO

A specialty small batch hot sauce startup from Denver Colorado. Our 3rd Hot Sauce maker story from Colorado.

Kitchen Garden Farm Featured Image

Kitchen Garden Sriracha - Sunderland MA

Kitchen Garden Sriracha comes from the all organic Kitchen Garden Farm in Western Massachusetts.

Red Hawk Premium Peppers

Red Hawk Premium Peppers - Pennsylvania

Red Hawk Premium Peppers is a hot sauce company from Pennsylvania.

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