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What I learned about hot sauce last year - January 2016

Hi there,

Happy New Year! We hope you had a great holiday season, full of festivities, rest, delicious food, and especially good hot sauce. Some of you may have been following CraftHotSauce for the entire year, others may have found out about us last month, but regardless, we hope you have enjoyed our content and have learned a few things.

Here's what I have learned in 2015:

  • Chileheads are really awesome people!
  • There is some really f*cking good hot sauce out there that not enough people know about!
  • Chileheads need a reliable website and community to help grow small-batch hot sauce.
  • We need your help - Share content that you like, tell us how we can improve, and support your peers.

If you need a little nudge to help the Hot Sauce community grow, pick a few resolutions in our latest blog post9 NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS FOR HOT SAUCE LOVERS.

We had a few other blog posts and hot sauce profiles from December that you can see below. Happy New Year's all!



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New Year's Resolutions for Hot Sauce Lovers

9 New Year's Resolutions for Hot Sauce Lovers  

World Calendar for Hot Sauce and Chili Festivals


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Craft Hot Sauce Profile - Melbourne, Australia

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Craft Hot Sauce Profile - California, USA

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