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Podcasts from hot sauce makers with a cause - April 2016

Hi there,

Who's ready for spring! I certainly am. My chili pepper seedlings are germinating, the NYC Hot Sauce Expo is only a few weeks away, and Craft Hot Sauce will be announcing some exciting news on our Craft Hot Sauce Club.

I guess I have to give you a quick sneak peek of what's coming... With our Craft Hot Sauce Club you will be shipped small-batch hot sauces previewed on Craft Hot Sauce on a monthly or quarterly basis. We aren't quite ready to go live, but if you are interested, shoot me an email that you would like more information when it's available!

I had a fantastic time speaking with Bob Ferretti fromHot Sauce 4 Good (now called Caldo Hot Sauce)  in our third episode of our podcast series and Jojo fromJojo's Sriracha in Denver. Both companies not only make fantastic small-batch hot sauce, but they have great stories and company visions. Both podcasts are about 40 minutes long which is perfect for a morning commute, or if you need any pump-up/run-through-the-wall podcasts for your workouts! 

We also had a very interesting Craft Hot Sauce profile fromLayna Sa Pika Este. They are now operating from Oregon, but they are from Guam and focus on the Chamorro "Boonie pepper." I definitely recommend taking a look if you are interested in learning more about international chili sauces and pastes.

I hope all you guys have a great month. If you will be attending the NYC Hot Sauce expo let me know! Would love to meet you!




Hot Sauce 4 Good Podcast

Bob Ferretti, owner of Hot Sauce 4 Good, donates $1 of every hot sauce sale to charity. He shares his experiences growing his business on this podcast episode. Thanks, Bob!

Picture of Hot Sauce 4 Good Hot Sauce Stand 

Jojo's Sriracha Podcast

Jojo has one of the most popular sriracha sauces in America. She shares her exciting and challenging journey getting there. Thanks, Jojo!

 Picture of Jojo from Jojo's Sriracha Sauce


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Layna Sa Pika Este- Hillsboro, Oregon

Jorge and Julie are from Guam and noticed a huge opportunity to share their "Boonie pepper" chili paste with the Oregon community.


Picture of Layna Sa Pika Este Hot Sauces

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