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Bundles of hot sauce collections and from the NFL to hot sauce - July 2020

Hey there,

What's been your go-to hot sauce recently? It’s the height of summer cooking, so I’ve been using lots of verde and ghost pepper sauces. I put together two collections of my favorite verde and ghost pepper sauces if you want to check them out on the Craft Hot Sauce Shop!

Verde collection - Craft Hot Sauce Shop

Verde Hot Sauce Collection Picture


Collection of Ghost Pepper Hot Sauces

I get excited when I have conversations and hear stories from people who are so passionate and determined to be their best selves. Few have exemplified this drive and passion on the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast greater than Reggie Kelly, former NFL star and owner of Kyvan Foods. You can search “Craft Hot Sauce Podcast” to find the episode on your favorite podcast player or you canlisten to the episode on our website


Reggie, a native of Aberdeen, Mississippi, went on to an illustrious career playing football in the NFL for 13 years before starting his spicy condiments company, Kyvan foods. In our podcast interview, Reggie describes how cooking has been a cornerstone of his life, shares mantras he’s held tight, and reflects on early mistakes and lessons starting his food business, all with the hopes that the information is helpful to future entrepreneurs. 


Kyvan Foods and Craft Hot Sauce are co-sponsoring a July Craft Hot Sauce Box giveaway contest. The details of how to enter are included in the intro of the podcast, and we’ll be selecting two winners on July 15th. 

July Craft Hot Sauce Box ft. Kyvan Foods Original Hot Sauce


If you ask me what’s been on my hot sauce mind the past few weeks, I’d have to say fermented mashes. Our next podcast episode will be all about fermented hot sauce, I've been experimenting with my own chili mashes, and Al's Laboratory in New Zealand (our last craft hot sauce story) makes their hot sauce with a fermented mash.


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