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Learning about making fermented hot sauces - August 2020

Hey there! How is it August already? Before you put your grill away for the summer, we curated three summer-themed craft hot sauce boxes for you to explore.

I just heard that if you drink hot tea on a scorching hot day, it actually makes you feel cooler. If that's the case this super hot box will leave you frozen!

Super Hot Box!

Featuring: Rising Smoke Sauceworks, Elijah's Xtreme, and Gringo Bandito

We need more female representation in the hot sauce industry! This hot sauce box features the stories and sauces from three women-owned hot sauce companies. 

Female Founded Flavors Box

Featuring: Silly Chilly, Caulfield Provisions, and Secret Aardvark

Who doesn't love some sweet with their heat? The Box O’ Sweet Heat features unique fruit-forward sauces, perfect for your summer meals.

Picture of Hot Sauce Bottles for Box O' Sweet Heat 

Box 'O Sweet Heat

Featuring: Small Axe Peppers, Craic Sauce, and Dat's Nice


Question for ya!

What's the most bizarre or remote place you've consumed hot sauce? 

We'll be sharing the best responses in an upcoming blog post. If you have a crazy hot sauce consumption story, comment below!


Podcast on fermented hot sauce 🎧

Geoff Barker is an expert fermented sauce maker at Sabarac. On ourlatest podcast episode, he shares lots of helpful advice for beginners to experts and tells some inevitable funny fermented explosion stories.

Stream our Sabarac podcast episode on Soundcloud here:


Wishing you a healthy and enjoyable August. I'm personally getting excited for peppers to start turning up in New England. Got anything fun or interesting going on? 


Thanks there!


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