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At the intersection of peppers and entrepreneurship - September 2020

Hey there!

Pepper harvest season is officially underway. I love seeing the combination of the vibrant colors of peppers and fresh produce that eventually blend together, creating a fresh homemade hot sauce.

Spread of Hot Peppers

For many, the idea of creating their own hot sauce is planted in their mind during harvest season. Six years ago at the end of August, I made my first batch of hot sauce with extra habanero and ghost peppers from my garden and then started this hot sauce community a month later.


It's been a stressful summer for everyone, so I encourage you to let your culinary creativity come out by taking a couple hours to create a batch of homemade hot sauce. There are so many great recipes online, but I created this post to give you some ideas with lots of room for creativity:Tips for coming up with your first hot sauce recipe

If the colors of the peppers and imagining the smell of roasted onion, garlic, peppers, and other ingredients aren't enough inspiration, we have some stories to share of people that found their passion at the intersection of hot sauce and entrepreneurship. 

Picture with River City Flame Owner Paula

Paula from River City Flame

Paula Horne served overseas for most of her career, but it was a special sauce from a restaurant in Hong Kong that inspired her to create that unique sauce in the United States and start her first company after she retired.

Hab Sauce Team Selling Hot Sauce at a Farmers Market

David from Hab Sauce

From DJ to hot sauce maker. It wasn't the first time I heard this career progression, but Hab Sauce creates unique craft sauces in PDX, and their Spicy Sweet Soy Sauce just won the Grand Prize at Old Boney Mountain's Hot Summer Night Hot Sauce competition.

Brian of Craic Sauce Holding Up A Bottle of Hot Sauce

Brian from Craft Hot Sauce and Craic Sauce

It's me! I had the script flipped and shared my story of starting this newsletter and website, and then the wild journey of starting Craic Sauce. You can view it onvideo or listen in on ourpodcast.

Line of Chef Wayne's Hot Sauces

Chef Wayne's Soul Sauce

Chef Wayne started a catering company with clients such as P. Diddy, Spike Lee, and Kayne West and also was crowned champion on the show "Chopped" before starting his up-and-coming hot sauce company, Chef Wayne's Soul Sauce, in Northern England.


Our team at Craft Hot Sauce did some digging and we came up with a list of brick and mortar hot sauce shops from Portland, Edinburgh, Saudi Arabia, and back:32 hot sauce shops around the world

Hopefully, you can visit some of these shops in your future travels, but you can always check out our selection on the Craft Hot Sauce Shop. We have some hot sauce collections below that are featured in this month's newsletter!

 Line of Female Founded Hot Sauces

Explore real stories and real sauces by getting a curated Craft Hot Sauce Box

Hab Spicy Sweet Soy Sauce

Try the award-winningSpicy Sweet Soy Sauce and other craft hot sauces from Hab Sauce!

Craic Sauce Founder Brian Cutting Up Red Chilli Peppers

Craic Sauce has been busy making fresh batches of hot sauce. Clickhere to enjoy the latest batch.

Wishing you a wonderful month of September, and don't hesitate to reach out if you need any help looking for anything!



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