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Conversations with experimental hot sauce makers - January 2018

Hey there,

My New Year’s Resolution was to send our Craft Hot Sauce followers an email on the first of every month. So I’m starting from Jan 17th today!


I’m giving you a New Year’s challenge to accomplish quickly. First, check out this calendar:The World Calendar for Hot Sauce and Chilifests


Second, if you’ve never gone to a hot sauce festival or chilifest, go! And if you have been to one, go to two this year. I had a blast at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo hosted by High River Sauces and the Chillifest put on by Kitchen Garden Sriracha last year. Both equally awesome, but totally different vibes. I’m trying to go to four this year. 


My next podcast guest is a hot sauce legend and festival trailblazer, so if you haven’t subscribed to the Craft Hot Sauce podcast yet, go ahead and do it. It should be on all podcast players, so just look up Craft Hot Sauce and you’ll find it. 


My seventh podcast episode and first of 2018 is with Tim Paulman from Paulman Acre in Oceanside, CA. Tim did a Craft Hot Sauce profile in 2015 when he had just completed a Kickstarter campaign, which made it even more fun to catch up. I really enjoyed talking to Tim, so thanks Paulman Acre! Give it a listen when you have a moment. Dead Heads will enjoy it even more :)  


Listen to the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts 

I’m excited for what’s coming in the year ahead, and please let us know how Craft Hot Sauce can be a good part of your 2018.



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