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Bringing the heat from NYC - February 2018

Hi there,

A few weeks ago, I gave you a New Years Resolution to go to a hot sauce festival, and you’ll get all the motivation you need afterlistening to this podcast with Steve Seabury of High River Sauces in Brooklyn. Steve puts on the best hot sauce expos, and I'm pumped to be attending my third NYC Hot Sauce expo this April. Steve’s a hot sauce legend and has great advice for putting on hot sauce festivals, so I hope you enjoy this episode.



One borough over from Steve is Tim from Pepplish Provisions in Queens, NY. I enjoyed chatting with Tim and was really impressed with his sauces, especially his Peach Agave Garlic sauce, which I put into my Phad Thai recipe on Monday. You can listen to the episode below



I’m working on getting High River Sauces and Pepplish into more upcoming shipments of our Craft Hot Sauce of the Month Club, but we have no shortage of good sauces from small batch makers like them, so give it a try for a month here:Craft Hot Sauce of the Month Club


Lastly, here's a recipe that our follower Paul wanted to share with the chiliheads out there. This recipe is for the Northern Thai style chili sauce called “Naam price noum” and includes Carolina Reaper.


I had a great time talking to and meeting folks from the Craft Hot Sauce community this month, so thank you and keep it up! 




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