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The legend of the Char Man - March 2018

Hey there,


I started February off by having a conversation with Chris from Char Man Brand. I had a blast talking to Chris and learning about their story. I'm glad he also mentioned the Facebook Group “For the Love of Hot Sauce,” which I've really enjoyed being a part of since he mentioned it. You can listen to myinterview with Char Man Brand here:




As you’ll hear in my intro to the podcast, when I, I was far from a hot sauce expert, and I still don’t claim to be, but I’ve learned some stuff along the way. I wanted to sharethis blog post for tips for coming up with your first recipe.

I welcome you to comment on the post with your suggestions to help others!


Lastly, after a long journey, I’m excited to announce I’m releasing my own hot sauce brand on St. Patrick's Day. (Can you guess what its influence is?).


For the grand release, I’ll be doing a pop-up at our commercial kitchen in Boston, where we’ll be doing a hot sauce tasting party and I’ll be serving Irish corn beef and cabbage tacos.


The more the merrier, so if you are in the Boston area, or know people in the Boston area, tell them to stop by. Here are the event details:


It’ll be a grand ol' time!  


Thanks y’all!


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