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Catching up with Lucky Dog & Dirty Dick's in NYC - May 2017

Hi there,

I wanted to share our latest and one of our favorite craft hot sauce profiles yet. The profile is done by Scott Zalkind by Lucky Dog Hot Sauce out of Hayward, California. I started getting involved in the hot sauce community in 2014, and I came to learn a lot about hot sauces, business, marketing, but most importantly, how amazing and unique the hot sauce community is. In this excerpt, Scott does an amazing job sharing his journey into hot sauce, why he does what he does, and his thoughts on the hot sauce community. Thanks Scott! Check out the Lucky Dog Hot Sauce story here

I also had the chance to catch up with Richard Westhaver of Dirty Dick's Hot Sauce. Dick is a fellow Bostonian, and I grew up enjoying his sauces. He's been selling his original sauce for over 20 years! It was fun to finally meet him at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo and learn more about his line of hot sauces.

Lastly, Happy Mother's Day to all the hot sauce-loving moms (and non-hot sauce-loving moms, my mom can't handle even the mildest of hot sauces). We had a Mother's Day Hot Sauce contest on Facebook and gave away a free year subscription to the Quarterly Triple Threat Hot Sauce Subscription Club. The winner is Tamera W, congrats! Have a great weekend everyone!



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