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Funny hot sauce names and stories - February 2017

Hi there,

Hope you're doing well. Since I last reached out we've had a few new Craft Hot Sauce profiles. Check out the maker stories ofChilli Richmond (now River City Flame) from Virginia,Culley's from New Zealand, andTown Farm Gardens from Massachusetts.

Last week I stopped by Alicia's Homemade in Worcester, Mass. They will be doing a Craft Hot Sauce profile, but they’re a bit too occupied right now preparing their new retail location. The space looks amazing, and they'll have hot sauces, fresh food and spices, coffee, and a nice deck to chill out on. If you're in the Massachusetts area, you gotta check them out when they open up in a month.

It's fun to keep in touch with companies that have done a Craft Hot Sauce profile and see their progress. Horsetooth Hot Sauce did a profile for us exactly two years ago and are featured in agreat video/article about Fort Collins hot sauce companies.

Lastly, one request for our chiliheads: I'm adding new entries to thefunniest hot sauce names blog post, let me know which funny hot sauces you know of that should make the list!

Keep it up!


P.S. Our monthly subscription club is up and running! Thanks to Maureen from Alabama for joining theCraft Hot Sauce Club last week.

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