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Culley's Hot Sauces Story

Written by Culley's Owner Chris Culley


I started pretty young! At the age of 10 I was busy in the kitchen concocting chili smash to try out on my mates. I pursued a career as a chef in my early days and continued to perfect my recipes with rigorous critique from my mates. After a while, it was time to go public.

Starting out at local farmers’ markets, the brand quickly grew and it was a matter of months before we were gracing the shelves for boutique grocers and supermarkets. Pretty crazy how things have developed! It's been hard work but that makes it all the more rewarding!!

Culley's Current Operation

We produce locally and export to Australia, Asia and the USA. We use locally sourced fresh ingredients where possible. Our sauces are all gluten-free and we only produce sauces we are sure our fans will love.

Our most popular sauce across the board is Culley's Chipotle Hot Sauce - it's a great intro to the range because it's smoky undertone appeals to those who aren’t necessarily a hard-out heat seeker. We’ve got a ramped-up reaper chili version; Culley’s Chipotle Reaper so not to disappoint the chili heads out there!

Couple fun facts about Hot Sauce and Chili peppers

Heritage...Christopher Columbus. Chilies have played a part in the human diet since as early as 7500 BC when the first examples of their use crop up in America. Christopher Columbus found them in the Caribbean, decided to name them ‘peppers’, and then took them back to Europe.

Also a thought for the ladies... A king in the worlds of food, medicine and beauty treatments, chilies form the base of massage oils and anti-cellulite creams, and its powder makes great anti-aging masks and preparations which can enliven dull hair.

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