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The treasured yellow sweet and spicy datil pepper - April 2020

Hey there,

It’s a stressful and uncertain time, and I hope you’re staying safe. Today we're going to keep it 100% craft hot sauce and share some stories and articles to change the pace 😀

This month I wanted to start off with the datil pepper! Have you heard of it?

Most people who live outside of St. John’s County in Florida haven’t, but we wrote an article to introduce you to the little yellow lantern pepper, the datil pepper.

95% of datil peppers are grown in St. Augustine, Florida, and they have a distinct flavor with a nice sweet heat, slightly less hot than a habanero. There's a deep Minorcan history behind the datil pepper that goes back to the 18th century.

The datil pepper's unique flavor will be on display in the Craft Hot Sauce Subscription Box. Here is the story ofThe Datil Pepper: St. Augustine's treasured pepper

 Picture of lots of Datil Peppers

Some entrepreneurs in the St. Augustine area have worked long and hard to make it into the culinary big leagues. One such business owner is Joe Stewart ofDat’s Nice Hot Sauce, who shares how he got the name for his Datil pepper hot sauce company:

“The history behind ‘Dat’s Nice’ hot sauce says it all in the name. The 'Dat’s' kind of rolls right off the tongue just like the wonderful taste from the Datil peppers in our pepper sauces that are indigenous to the St. Augustine, Florida area. The Nice… well that’s how you feel after eating one of our great hot pepper sauces on just about anything. After making the pepper sauces for many years, friends and family said, “Dat’s Nice! You should sell it.”

You can read more about Joe's journey starting Dat's Nice in their craft hot sauce story:Dat's Nice Datil Pepper Hot Sauce


Before we go, we want to introduce you to the April version of the Craft Hot Sauce Subscription Box filled with some awesome sauces, stickers, and stories!

The April Craft Hot Sauce Subscription Box will include sauces from:

Dat's Nice Datil Pepper Hot Sauce

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We curate sauces from independent hot sauce makers who share their passions and stories with you. Try some new craft hot sauces with your home meals and support the small businesses who make them. They appreciate your love!

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*We make sure to sanitize all the bottles we ship!

As I sign off, I want to leave you with aCraft Hot Sauce profile from Allan of Sacred Sauce, whose story really resonated with me. I'm excited that I will have the opportunity to talk with Allan on the Craft Hot Sauce podcast soon. 

Stay well out there. We're going to see a lot of opportunities to help out, so be sure to spread kindness and help whenever you can. 

Thanks ✌️


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