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What we've learned from hot sauce makers on the podcast - May 2020

Hi there,

Hope you’re keeping well and staying safe!


I’ll keep this shorter than usual because we have a lot of stories and content in two new episodes of the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast.


You can listen to the episodes by searchingCraft Hot Sauce Podcast on your favorite podcast player or on our website. After having these recent conversations I came away with a few reflections:

  • If you’re thinking about creating or starting something new -just do it and start! The rest of the questions and the path ahead will present themselves as you move.
  • You carry a unique collection of experiences, influenced by your family, travel, work, and the people around you. Embrace those experiences and relationships to help find passion in what you do.
  • And lastly, as you'll learn from Dan after listening to the Small Axe Peppers podcast episode, community gardens are awesome!

Here's a quick bit on the two podcast episodes that dropped and the sauces included in the May edition of the Craft Hot Sauce Subscription Box 🔥

Small Axe Peppers donates pepper seeds to community gardens in over 15 cities across the US. During the harvest season, Small Axe buys the peppers at a premium to use in their hot sauce and invests the proceeds from their sales back into the community gardens. Here is our conversation last week with Dan from Small Axe Peppers:Small Axe Peppers Podcast


Last month you may have read the story of Sacred Sauce, but on the podcast, Allan and I share our experiences of starting hot sauce companies as solo entrepreneurs. Listeners will also enjoy hearing about Allan's well-traveled journey that led him to start a chili sauce company. Listen to Allen's Podcast Episode here: Sacred Sauce Podcast



We're super excited to share an awesome Craft Hot Sauce Box with sauces from Sacred Sauce and Small Axe Peppers, along with another cult classic hot sauce: Gringo Bandito along with the story from their founder, Dexter Holland of the Offspring! (Hence the guitar picks with the hot sauce) 

Stay safe, spicy, and helpful to others!



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