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Fermented and fire roasted hot sauces - March 2020

What's up,

Are you up for a little challenge this month? I’ve been seeing all these chili harvest photos down under and thought it would be cool to see what our Craft Hot Sauce followers come up with.  

So here’s the challenge! 

Go out and cook up a new or different batch of hot sauce. It might be your first time making a hot sauce, or you may be using different ingredients or trying a new technique like fermenting.

But it’s a great time of the year to experiment. I’ve never used spices in my hot sauce before, so I'm going to make something totally different this month. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration, I wrote this article about tips for coming up with a new hot sauce recipe.

Let me know how it goes after next month’s newsletter, and then I’ll compile the experimental batches in a post. If you’re up for it, we can post your recipe on our recipe section of the site!

Speaking of down under, our latest podcast guest was Old Bones Chilli Co. They make a mean smoked garlic chilli sauce and have some big things cooking in Sydney, Australia. Check out the podcast linked below to learn about their story.



Usually, I’m on the interviewing side, but last month, the manager of my local farmer's market did a feature of Craic Sauce before we released our newest and first fermented sauce:the Mill City Red 

Here’s a video sharing our story which references the very beginning of this site and newsletter in 2014 and details our process of making the Mill City Red.  

We have a very limited supply of this sauce, but I'm doing another run of it this morning and will have it featured in our Craft Hot Sauce Club this month. 

Old Bones Chilli Company Line of Hot Sauces

Old Bones Chilli Co Podcast

Josh, founder of OB Chilli Co, shares the founding story with his business partner John.

On the podcast, Josh shares different styles of cooking sauces, and John provides advice for starting and running a business. 


Picture of Mill City Red, Made by Craic Sauce

Be the first to try theMill City Red!

The Craft Hot Sauce Club shares three hot sauces and their stories in a box delivered straight to your door. This month, the Mill City Red will be included in the Craft Hot Sauce Club.



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