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September 2015 Newsletter

Dearest Chiliheads,

Happy September, and I hope you are all enjoying the end of a nice summer. As I write this from Dublin, Ireland, I am currently experiencing the 3rd season of the day, which is some extreme rain (we get all 4 seasons in one day!).

Over at Craft Hot Sauce, we have ambitious plans for sharing more educational content on hot sauce, the industry, and craft hot sauce companies, while connecting and expanding our hot sauce following.

We are a young and growing company right now, so if you could give us one suggestion to make the site better, we'd appreciate it! Email us,Facebook message us, orTweet us!

Enough from me, take a look at a few of our posts from August 2015. Thank you and enjoy!



Johnathan of Crazy Bastard Sauce Holding Up A Bottle of Hot Sauce

Crazy Bastard Sauce

Jon of CBS is driving some crazy growth and is beginning a campaign to set up his own facility. Great contribution from the Berlin hot sauce company.

Taco Jesus Line of Hot Sauces

Taco Jesus Hot Sauce

Taco Jesus Gourmet Food had an interesting start. The brand came first and the hot sauce followed, but in their first year of operation, they won 2nd place at the World Hot Sauce Awards. 

Big Bucket of Yellow-Orange Datil Peppers

The Datil Pepper

If you haven't heard of this pepper, you should take a look at this article. The Datil Pepper is native to St. Augustine and has seen a tremendous uptick in popularity. We have another CHS profile from the spring that focuses exclusively on this pepper.

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