First Newsletter - February 2015

February 01, 2015

Hi there,

Happy March Chiliheads. This is our first monthly newsletter, and I hope you enjoy the included content. This newsletter is for you, so please let us know what you love, what you hate, and what you'd like to see in next month's newsletter. We have a three-course meal of the following below:

  • A spicy habanero hot sauce recipe to make and try out
  • Tips to turn your boring friends into chiliheads
  • Some interesting news around the Hot Sauce industry

I hope you enjoy this, and thanks again for being part of the Craft Hot Sauce movement!




Homemade Habanero Hot Sauce Recipe

Have you ever made a hot sauce before? If you haven't, this is an easy yet tasty recipe to try out. It'll take you 30-40 minutes to make. Try it out!


How to Turn Hot Sauce Haters into Chili Heads

A Person; Someone Who Is Not Good At Handling the Heat from Hot Sauce


News from Around the Craft Hot Sauce Industry

Hot Sauce Sommelier Coming to Brooklyn, NY

Hottest Burger in the World Created

Why Wilmington NC is a mecca for Chili Heads



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I’m here to share a recent conversation I had, which is now on the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast. Sometimes when I write this newsletter or market a hot sauce, it’s not my most natural channel of communication. The podcast has grown to be my favorite way of connecting with the wider craft hot sauce community and sharing those experiences with you. 

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