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The most beautiful time of the year, pepper season - October 2018

Hi there,

Tis the season for seeing beautiful chili peppers coming in and dreaming up new hot sauces. I've been working on a fermented Louisiana-style sauce that hits this past month and tried dozens of creative homemade hot sauces at the Chilifest Hot Sauce contest put on by Kitchen Garden Farms. The event was a blast!


I also had a conversation with Dave of Silagy Sauce from Vancouver, Washington on the Craft Hot Sauce podcast. They make unbelievable sauces and take the right approach to it all. Check out thelatest podcast episode here.



Corbett's Kitchen shared with us how they started an allergen-friendly food business. A couple years in, they shifted to making hot sauce after some people said they were allergic to vinegar, so they made a vinegar-free hot sauce.


Before I go, I wanted to say a quick congrats toBurns & McCoy,Smokin Ed from Puckerbutt Pepper Co, andKarma Sauce who all have their super hot hot sauces on the lineup of Hot Ones. They’ve all been contributors from the very beginning and it’s great to see all the well-deserved recognition. Can’t wait to see how celebs respond to their sauces in the new season of the popular YouTube SeriesHot Ones


Have a great day,


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