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Chilifest time of year - September 2018

Hi there,

Happy Labor Day weekend! Kitchen Garden Farms puts on an awesome hot sauce festival, and it will be my first one as a vendor. If you're in the New England area,Chilifest on September 15th and 16th is worth going to. It's right next to a corn maze, and they have a chili cook-off and hot sauce competition, spicy food, local beer, and great live music! I’ve been working on coordinating a time for getting them on the Craft Hot Sauce podcast, but in the meantime, you can read up on them here. 

 I’ve shared this before, but you can also look at the 2018 World Hot Sauce Festival Calendar we put together to cover as many events as possible. I noticed we even have the first-ever Hot Sauce Expo in Ireland in a couple weeks at Workmans (where I frequented when I was living in Dublin)!


I also came across this post with fun facts about hot sauce and thought you'd appreciate it:


Take it easy this weekend and talk soon!




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