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Hot sauce for a good cause - August 2018

Hope you're having an awesome summer! Mine's been busy, but I'm looking forward to taking a vacation next week. I have anauthentic mole sauce recipe from Cassandra of The Bomb Noms on my "to-cook" list for my vacation. Give it a try, and also let me know if you have any recipes you'd like to share with the group!

I had the President of Rowan University on the Craft Hot Sauce podcast last week. And I gotta say, Dr. Houshmand is the coolest college president, especially for chiliheads and hot sauce lovers. Dr. Houshmand makes hot sauce, and all the proceeds go towards emergency scholarship funds to students in need. Have a listen to my conversation with Dr. Houshmand and subscribe to our future podcast episodes here.


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Before I go, I wanted to share a video series I stumbled upon in July. It's calledThe People We Meet and features entrepreneurs in Ireland. I found the videos super inspirational as a food business owner that's most focused on making a net positive impact in our community. Here's an episode about a shop in Dublin that also happens to sell one of my favorite hot sauces from Berlin,Crazy Bastard Sauce:  

Have an awesome August, and if you're interested in trying out some sauces,check out our shop. I'd love to learn what sauces and flavors you're into and give you a recommendation. I'll see ya next month, and I'm excited to be able to finally share something I've been working on all summer in the next newsletter.

Til then!


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