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Life is to short not to do what you love - July 2018

Howdy there,

Lately, I've been feeling inspired to do what I love and do it now! Life is too short to wait on things and not take that risk. 

So many of the guests on Craft Hot Sauce have shared that advice over the years, but I thought our three contributors this month really nailed it.

I had the chance to speak with Catharine and Matt from Hoss Soss on theCraft Hot Sauce podcast. Matt and Catharine quit their jobs and moved down to Costa Rica, where the concept of Hoss Soss was born. 

I enjoyed listening to their stories and advice as well as learning more about the hot sauce and food scene in Oregon.Take a listen and subscribe to our podcast here.

Did you know that the President of Rowan University started a hot sauce company with all the proceeds going towards emergency student scholarships? Pretty cool right? Check outHoushmand's Hazardous Hot Sauce Craft Hot Sauce profile here.

Rising Smoke Sauceworks from NC wrote one of my favorite Craft Hot Sauce profiles. You'll laugh and may be able to relate when you read about how it all started eating family meals at a divided table of taste preferences. Read aboutRising Smoke Sauceworks here.

Hope you enjoy the stories from this past month!



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