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From the unique to the super hot - June 2018

Hi there,

Hope you’re getting out there and enjoying the warmer weather, and maybe even checking out some local hot sauce makers at farmer's markets in your area.


Last month, we hadJay Turner from Burns & McCoy on the Craft Hot Sauce podcast. Jay makes one of the hottest all-natural hot sauces, Exhoresco, as well as one of my favorite unique hot sauces, White Lightning. 


White Lightning, a white-hot sauce with white ghost peppers, parsnips, and cauliflower (it works and is sooo good!) will be featured in some of ourCraft Hot Sauce Club orders in June. 


Burns & McCoy, from Fort Collins, Colorado has been on fire since they started, but as you’ll learn from listening to our conversation, it hasn’t been easy. Take a listen here or look up and subscribe to the Craft Hot Sauce podcast on your favorite podcast player.  


We also had some pretty awesome Craft Hot Sauce profiles fromPerified inspired by their origin in South Africa andPalate Crashers from Miami. 


Wishing you the best til I'm in touch next month, but let me know if there's anything you'd like to see on, and thanks for stopping by!



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