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Our first podcast, live from Berlin! - November 2015

Hi there,

Hope you had a festive Halloween and are having a good start to November. October was a fun month for Craft Hot Sauce, hearing from lots of new hot sauce and chili companies and sharing our content with many more new chiliheads. Brian of CHS got to travel to Berlin for a weekend and met with Jonathan O'Reilly of Crazy Bastard Sauce. Our Craft Hot Sauce newsletter followers are the first ones to hear the firstCraft Hot Sauce Podcast.

Jonathan and Brian had a chat for 30 minutes, and over the course of the podcast, they talked about suggestions for making great hot sauce, the best ways to get started in making hot sauce, flavors of the chilis inside Jonathan’s most popular sauces, and lots more.

This month we had new Craft Hot Sauce profiles fromBrooklyn,Florida,Minnesota, andLondon. We also had a new hot sauce recipe submitted from one of our chiliheads, and we’re looking for people to submit their own recipe to share. If you're interested in sharing your homemade hot sauce recipe or chili product recipe you can submit it here: (Note: link isn’t available anymore)

Wrapping up, I wanted to share how I really felt a sense of community among the hot sauce companies, farmers, artists, and crafters in Berlin. Jonathan was speaking of how all the hot sauce companies want to have the best sauce in the city, but they are still friendly, helpful, and make an effort to promote other crafters, food stands, and their local counterparts. He mentioned there was a cultural transformation in the Kreuzberg area of Berlin over the past 10 years, but he also said that there is a hot sauce renaissance going on in the world RIGHT NOW. We are doing our best to share it with you, but you need to keep on telling us what's happening where you're from! I leave it how Jonathan ended our podcast episode, "Enjoy good food and make it well."



Craft Hot Sauce Podcast - Episode 1

Crazy Bastard Hot Sauce Owner Jonathan and His Hot Sauce

Chilli Drops CHS Profile- London

Line of Chilli Drops Hot Sauce

Sauce Science CHS Profile- Minnesota

Line of Sauce Science Hot Sauces

A&B American Style - Brooklyn   

A&B American Style Hot Sauce Owner Holding Up Two Bottles of Hot Sauce                 

Old St. Augustine- Florida

Line of Old Saint Augustine Gourmet Foods Hot Sauces

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