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Seed to sauce spicy fermented hot sauces - January 2021

Hey there,

It's Brian from Craft Hot Sauce and Craic Sauce here with our first newsletter of 2021. I hope you had a relaxing holiday, but we're turning up the temp with some new hot sauces and updates!


From farm, to ferment, to fire in your mouth! 

Kitchen Garden Farm and Fraktured Sauces harvest peppers from their own farms, create a fermented chili mash, and then process delicious seed-to-sauce hot sauces. Check out theSriracha style sauces from Kitchen Garden Farm and the long-aged fermented sauces fromFraktured Sauces

The Kitchen Garden Farms Team at a Farmers Market

This naturally fermented Asian-style chili sauce is made from a blend of organic peppers grown by Kitchen Garden Farm in Western Massachusetts. Thesethree different sriracha sauces have a bright, fruity taste and a pronounced garlic flavor.

Picture of the Fraktured Hot Sauce Team

FirehausGarlic, TwistedGinger, Haunted Harvest withGhost, HotShiitake, VerdePipicha. These are some of Fraktured Sauces’ offerings that highlight unique ingredients and ferment for a year before being bottled.Try Fraktured Sauces here



Kyvan Foods Owner Doing Sampling at a Farmers Market


Kyvan Hot Sauce, Egg's Best Friend

Try the tangy, sweet, and addictive Kyvan Hot Sauce, made by former NFL player Reggie Kelly.Check out their sauce and story here.

Bottle of Mill City Red Hot Sauce

It's hard to believe we only launched theMill City Red in 2020. The batches are only getting better the longer they ferment!Restock on MCR here.


I confess, I don't have any new craft hot sauce stories or blogs for you this month.

The last couple months have been so busy, and we've been feeling the love from this hot sauce community. But things are back to a normal pace, and I'm so excited to share new podcasts, stories, articles and curate new hot sauces from all over the world to bring to your door this year!

Yesterday we just added over 100 new products to our website, so if Santa didn't nail your hot sauce wish list, feel free to check out all our new products!

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Wall of Dozens of Hot Sauce Bottles

Wishing you a safe and joyful beginning to this new year! 


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