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Lessons after getting certified to sell hot sauce to stores - September 2019

What's up there! I have a few hot sauce updates for you, but first, how are you doing? Got any summer hot sauce related updates?

I'm about to be really busy this month prepping peppers after the harvest, going to some markets, and slanging Craic Sauce at Hot Sauce Alley at Chilifest, put on by my friends Kitchen Garden Farms in Western Mass.

Before the craziness ensued, I went out west with my brother and cousin to visit our cousin in Seattle, and then we all went down to the PDX Hot Sauce Expo together. What a blast!

I even did a podcast on-site that will come out in our next newsletter, but there were so many great sauces, conversations, and entertaining acts on the Stage of Doom. I included a few updates and stories below, but you can try some of the new sauces in our Craft Hot Sauce subscription box.

Before I go, I have a new post about some lessons learned, especially relevant for people thinking of starting a hot sauce company. Early into producing my own sauce, I was wondering how I could get my sauces into stores. It took me a bit of time, but I went through the process and wrote an article about obtaining my wholesale license for Craic Sauce. 

Check out the stories and updates below and don't be a stranger! 



 Singularity Sauce Company Line of Hot Sauces

Singularity Sauce Co. 

I chuckled and smiled reading this piece from Mark. He's a Scottish sauce maker based in Aberdeenshire. Thanks for sharing Mark!

High River Sauces Owner Steve Holding Up Hot Sauce Bottles

Podcast with PDX Hot Sauce Expo Organizer, Steve Seabury of High River Sauces

I now have so much appreciation for what goes behind a big hot sauce event like the PDX and NYC Hot Sauce Expos and how great people and sauces come together. Steve Seabury is the person behind the largest hot sauce expo in the world, and I interview him on our podcast. 

Craic Sauce Team Working on Mill City Red Bottles in the Kitchen

My journey getting a wholesale license

It took me a while, but in this post, I shared the steps I took to register Craic Sauce with the FDA and how I obtained my wholesale license in Massachusetts. 

Hoss Soss Hot Sauce Owners at a Farmers Market

Costa Rica Hot Sauce Retreat 

Invited by Hoss Soss

You know Hoss Soss from their podcast and trademark episode. They are putting together an unforgettable, all-inclusive, hot sauce retreat experience in the mountain corner area of Costa Rica.

Ballyhoo Line of Hot Sauces

Ballyhoo Hot Sauce

Seattle craft hot sauce

I met Syd a few weeks ago at a hot sauce bar in Portland, Alefire. He came from the food truck scene, and his partner Gavin came from the craft beer world. Together they make damn good sauces, and I enjoyed learning even more in their CHS Profile.

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