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Four stories from people with intense passions - March 2021

Hello there,

We have a new look to ourwebsite, four new maker stories, and the evenings are getting longer by a rooster's footstep! Things are looking up!

Our newsletter this month brings together a diverse set of interests and unique journeys, that all connect with a passion for local food and hot sauce.

We start at Kitchen Garden Farm, in Western Mass. If you're interested in learning more about farming, going down the path that people say isimpossible, and learning about building community and a crew,tune in to this episode of the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast!


"I had a dream where there was a couple, always together, working, and making food to sell. Güero y Maria was first brought into reality by my friend, a Tattoo artist who took my vision and made it into a drawing. They represent the migrant worker who sticks together in order to withstand all obstacles they face just to sustain a family."  

Read the story from Güero y Maria here

Guero y Maria Brand Picture


Many people get pulled into hot sauce by gardening and growing chili peppers. But what happens when you live in a place that isn't ideal for growing chili peppers? You can turn to hydroponics. Phil, a hobbyist chili gardener from Germany shares more on his experiences with hydroponics and chili growing on the Craft Hot Sauce Podcast.Listen here!

Set of Red Peppers Growing From A Bush

Last, but not least, Eibhlín and Bernard share how they started Town Tine Hot Sauce in the midst of their COVID lockdown in Ireland. Their energizing attitude is apparent in the story they wrote, and I'm sure it's also apparent in their fermented hot sauces! 

Read the Town Tine Hot Sauce Story Here

Picture of Town Tine Hot Sauce Owners Holding Up Hot Sauce

So! This website redesign project almost sucked the soul out of me. But here I am 9 months later...still standing!

 Check out our newMaker Story section where you can search our 118 stories that we've shared since 2014 based on location or medium (podcast vs written).

We also have a niftyhot sauce navigation tab. You can search for over 150 hot sauces by ingredient, heat, flavor, location, and a bunch of other categories. 

 And for those of you that have read this far, you're the first to learn that Craic Sauce is releasing a new hot sauce next Monday, March 8th!

You'll hear more about it next Monday, but it's the perfect hot sauce for your Shepherd's Pie.

Thanks for reading! Have a great day!


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