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Bringing community to making hot sauce - March 2019

Hi there,

It's really cool to see people we've met grow their hot sauce passion or hobby into a business, and then some of those people choose to take it another step further and open a restaurant or shop. 

Meow That's Hot! in Ottawa and Crazy Bastard Sauce in Berlin are a couple of these hot sauce companies that have built a great community around their restaurant or shop. 

For years, Meow That's Hot! has been making flavorful and fruity hot sauces with some unique combinations like their Lynx Lava sauce, which combines watermelon and habanero, a cranberry and scorpion pepper sauce, and a strawberry, habanero, scotch bonnet, and mint sauce. Their restaurant, which opened up less than a year ago, has quickly become a favorite place for locals in Ottawa. Russell, their owner, does a great job involving the community by hosting open mic and byov (bring your own vinyl) nights and supporting other local businesses.You can read more here.

Crazy Bastard Sauce in Berlin, Germany has also been on a similar path. When I was living in Ireland I took a weekend trip to Berlin and got to meet their owner Jonathan, who at the time was making his hot sauce at a local restaurant. Since then he's opened up a little shop with a fun, salivating, and revolving menu:

One of my favorite parts of making hot sauces is the process and getting into the zone while going through the different steps. It seems like that also resonated with monks at Subiaco Abbey in Arkansas as they share in this video:

If you're interested in hearing any more craft hot sauce stories and trying new hot sauces be sure to check out ourCraft Hot Sauce Monthly Box!



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