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Chili farming in Zimbabwe and spring hot sauces - April 2019

Hi there,

Happy Spring! Hope you've been keeping well. March was a busy month of production, making some of our biggest batches of Craic Sauce yet, but during that time I also got to meet a few folks in the craft hot sauce community.

One of them was Chef Nino, who is a chef, farmer, and entrepreneur in Zimbabwe. It's a shorter podcast episode, but take a bit of time to hear more about his big hot sauce plans and mission to inspire the youth to get involved in agriculture in Zimbabwe and Africa:  


Not quite so far away from me, I met Gabe from The Spicy Shark in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. He started a hot sauce company recently, and I had a chance to try their sauce over lunch together. Their sauces are unique and have a ton of flavor! They also do hot maple syrups and honey. Take a moment to read why he started a hot sauce company and learn more about their sauces here.

The Spicy Shark and Karma Sauce will both be included in all April orders of Subscription Box. Karma Sauce exploded in popularity after getting featured in the popular YouTube series "Hot Ones". You can try their sauces, but also learn more about that incredible journey in our podcast with their owner Gene: 


Before I go, are you curious what this group's favorite hot sauce is? I am starting a survey about people's favorite hot sauces and will report back to you all.Hope you have a great week! 



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