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A family hot sauce business - February 2019

What's going on?! I have a new updated website for you! I planned to do this update two years ago, but between then and now, I had some time to think about why I've been keeping up with as a hobby since 2014. I came up with this!


I hope ourWhy resonates with you, but I’d like to hear what your Why related to craft hot sauce is. I want to share your stories and inspiration with our followers, so drop me a line if you have something to share. 


Last month, Nick from Pallotta Hot Sauce in NJ did a great job of sharing his story and evolution. Take a moment to read about his journey from a determined (yet sassy) five year old cooking next to his Mom to the gourmet hot sauce maker and entrepreneur he is today. Read Pallota Hot Maker Story here

 Drum roll please


Welcome to the February edition of the Craft Hot Sauce Monthly Subscription Box featuring:

Elijah’s Xtreme,Sh’ that’s Hot, andVoodoo Chile Sauces !!!


I had a chance to speak with all three hot sauce crafters last month, learning about their stories and inspiration. You can listen to our podcast episodes with them by searching Craft Hot Sauce on your favorite podcast player or subscribing on SoundCloud:


February orders from theCraft Hot Sauce Subscription Box will include three hot sauces, including a sauce from Elijah’s Xtreme, Sh’ That’s Hot, and Voodoo Chile Sauces. I recorded a short video sharing a few highlights of what I learned from them while I down spoonfuls of all their sauces: 


Hope you learned something new, got a bit of inspiration, or are set for trying some new sauces. Til' next time!


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