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Kicking off the year with versatile flavorful hot sauces - January 2019

Hi there,

Wishing you a warm and spicy New Year! Whether you're reading this email this morning in "go-gettem 2019" mode, "I can't move or do anything today" mode, or somewhere in between, I know you like hot sauce, and I know you should check out our article on New Year’s resolutions for hot sauce lovers.

Last year, I shared my resolution with you to make sure I was sending out the monthly newsletter, and I did it! I'm going to take it up to the next level this year and share content and stories behind every hot sauce company in ourMonthly Craft Hot Sauce Club

This month we're featuring sauces fromRising Smoke Sauceworks,Alvin's Hot Pepper Sauces, andEaglewingz from Delaware Sauce Company. Learn more about their stories and check out my review of their sauces in our first YouTube video: 

You may have realized that our website hasn't changed in the last five years and looks like it was put together by a 10-year-old, but I'm so close to finishing a website redesign! However, I'd love your help contributing to the website. Please email me if you have any spicy recipes you'd like to share with our followers, or if you have any photos of hot sauce, chili pepper plants, or anything else hot sauce related that you'd like to see on our site.

Thank you, and happy New Year!



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