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Ireland, Texas and Thailand all have hot sauce in common - December 2019

What's up!!

How was your Thanksgiving? It has gotta be hot sauce's favorite holiday with all the different pairing opportunities. My favorite combo was the Golden Pumpkin Craic Sauce with spicy curry squash. Yum 😋


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The Craft Hot Sauce Club is the perfect membership both for the spicy hot sauce lover and for the people that simply enjoy learning more about the stories behind each craft hot sauce. 

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Two Different Craft Hot Sauce Boxes

Newest Craft Hot Sauce Profiles

We have a few new Craft Hot Sauce profiles from sauce makers fromIreland, Texas, and Thailand. We also updated our online shop with sauces from people that have done craft hot sauce profiles or were guests on our podcast. 

Das Güd Spice Company at a Farmers Market

Däs Gud Spice Co

Nick wrote a super informative and helpful Craft Hot Sauce profile. They are located in Houston, Texas. 

The Full Collection of Jimmy Trim's Hot Sauces

Greg (founder of Jimmy Trim's Hot Sauce) was wondering how he could keep his cooks busy during the off-season in the Thai beach town of Kamala, so he decided to give hot sauce a stab.

Picture of Peppers and Rebel Chilli Owner

Paul from Rebel Chilli in Cork, Ireland writes about how he went full time into making an Irish hot sauce company. 


Have a wonderful holiday season!! 


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